Fiscal Responsibility

  • We need to continue to be fiscally responsible stewards of taxpayer money. That’s why we’ve cut back on unnecessary expenditures and improved government efficiency.
  • We will continue to maintain a BALANCED BUDGET.
  • Under the current council majority our bond rating has improved from a A+ to AA-
  • We need to maintain adequate reserves for emergencies and/or State taking of our money. I support building a 25% reserve to protect the taxpayers and the citizens in case of another economic down turn or excessive takings by the State.
  • We need to continue to reform the public pension system to create a system that is sustainable. The current system is not sustainable.
  • We need to address our unfunded pension liability.

Public Safety

  • I fully support our Police and Fire personnel.
  • I support full staffing and competitive pay while working to address the ongoing pension obligations.
  • I support our Traffic Safety Checkpoints and keeping drunk, uninsured and illegal drivers off of our roadways.
  • Immigration is a major issue nationally, as well as here in Escondido.  While at the local level, we have limited control, I will continue to support the laws of the land.

Economic Development/ Job Creation

  • As your current council member, I have initiated a complete review of our codes and ordinances and asked for recommendations to streamline our bureaucratic processes relative to development, redevelopment and job creation. Our codes and ordinances of the past need to reflect the current realities of making business and economic development a priority.
  • I will continue to push toward policies that are business and JOB FRIENDLY while working to reduce red tape.
  • I will continue to promote Escondido as the place for new JOB CREATION- we are open for business!
  • As your current Council Member I’ve been actively working to bring a new hotel into downtown Escondido.
  • As your current Council Member, I have advocated and initiated over $2M to be spent on improving our ageing roads and I will continue to push for more road improvement dollars as the economy improves.

The Escondido Country Club

  • I did not support the latest 380 unit development proposal by New Urban West as I do not believe that the product as proposed fits into our Community.
  • I don’t believe that the project is consistent with our General Plan as it was approved back in 1990.

Parks and Recreation

  • I supported the new Caballo Park and will continue to support developing the park as new funding becomes available. In fact, I was heavily involved with the construction of the climbing wall through the Escondido Sunrise Rotary Club.
  • I’d like to see more pocket skate/bike parks for our youth. These would be smaller spaces open to all but with no need to support with staff or supervision. We are currently looking at Washington Park as a location for a skate spot and are looking at Jesmond Dene for a BMX track for youth and adults.
  • I support maintenance upgrades to our existing parks as resources become more available.
  • I support our Public Library and the vision of building a new Library in an expanded Grape Day Park. I look forward to the next phases of planning and community engagement to bring this to fruition.
  • I also support using the savings from outsourcing our Library staff to further develop the vision and expansion of our Library.




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